We have problems with our telephone exchange.

The only number that can be handled is currently + 46 (0) 381 201 80.
You can reach us via email or mobile phone.

Our telecommunications operator is troubleshooting the problem.

We are closed for christmas between 23/12 & 4/1. Happy holidays!

Individual and adapted products

Our range is based on our customers’ specific needs and most of our parts are cast on the basis of each order, project and requirement.

Unique products and long partnerships

The platform for our work is a process that follows each assignment and project through the entire chain, from design to completed delivery. We see our customers as partners and are keen to have a close relationship, in which we work together for a long time. This gives us unique possibilities to develop product solutions and castings in cooperation. It is not unusual for us to be involved already at an early stage, at the innovation and product development stage, and that is when we come into our own.

You are welcome to visit us at Bruzaholms Bruk!