We have problems with our telephone exchange.

The only number that can be handled is currently + 46 (0) 381 201 80.
You can reach us via email or mobile phone.

Our telecommunications operator is troubleshooting the problem.

We are closed for christmas between 23/12 & 4/1. Happy holidays!

Knowledge, craftsmanship and logistics

Each item we produce is cast to tackle wear and tear from asphalt, cement and temperatures of up to 1,150° C. Our experience helps us resolve particularly difficult challenges, but we have also devoted more than 350 years to product development and have managed to develop our craft. Today, we specialise in wear and heat-resistant castings and a large portion of our products are exported to customers in Europe and beyond.

Sustainability and the future

Well-functioning environmental and sustainability work is a requirement for a healthy and modern business nowadays. It has long been a natural part of our operation and we are convinced that we would quite simply not have become 350 years old if we had not had a well-conceived approach to sustainability.

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A vibrant history

The mere thought of our history is staggering and few have the privilege of being able to look back over a heritage of more than 350 years. We – and those who went before us – have worked hard and in a far-sighted manner and put our mark on Bruzaholms Bruk. With our history at our backs, it is the future we are aiming for.

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Quality and delivery reliability

The common factor for all of our products is that they maintain the highest quality and meet our customers’ stringent demands for durability and temperature resistance. On the basis of these premises, we help you to develop heat-resistant parts or wear-resistant parts based on your wishes and requirements.

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