We have problems with our telephone exchange.

The only number that can be handled is currently + 46 (0) 381 201 80.
You can reach us via email or mobile phone.

Our telecommunications operator is troubleshooting the problem.

We are closed for christmas between 23/12 & 4/1. Happy holidays!

We are Bruzaholms Bruk

At Bruzaholms Bruk, we are specialists in casting parts that are exceptionally resistant in terms of temperature and durability. We are always interested in meeting new people who want to become part of our team and develop with us.

Work experience, internships and degree projects

We have seen foundry craftsmanship evolve over generations and we want to be part of its future. A key aspect of this is welcoming those of you who are new to us and curious about us and what we do. We are open to new ideas and there are opportunities here for anyone wanting work experience, an internship or to write a degree project – and for those who are keen to develop together with us in one way or another.

Work environment

We work to meet our customers’ needs and operate from a flat organisation, where security and the conditions for doing a good job are at our core. Health and safety and equality are important issues.  We work continuously – and together with our employees – to create a healthy workplace.

Our employees – the way to success

A key part of our work is represented by our internal production system, BPS. This tool helps us create the prerequisites for a healthy work environment and effective work, in which we can all make careful and wise decisions. We regard our employees as our prime asset, whose knowledge and quality-consciousness create opportunities for Bruzaholms Bruk to grow and develop. We also have an explicit goal to assume responsibility in the community.

Working with us

We are always interested in meeting new people. We are looking for people with energy and talent, who want to be part of a team. We hope you can make a contribution with your knowledge and commitment; that you want to develop and assume responsibility; that you want to learn; and that you are interested in our field of work. There is a place for you here. Let us know if you are interested in joining our team.

You are welcome to visit us at Bruzaholms Bruk!

If you would like to know more, please contact us through ansokan@bruzabruk.se.