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Wear-resistant parts

Our experience of wear-resistant parts production extends all the way back to the beginning of the 1950s. Today, we have strong cooperation with many of Europe’s largest producers of, for example, asphalt and cement mixers and log washers.

Durable partnerships

Our wear-resistant parts are used for replaceable parts of asphalt mixers, cement mixers and log washers. To achieve the ambitious demands on quality and durability, we work with some of the very strongest alloys that can be produced. Together with chrome and nickel, we get the iron to match up to the demands of today and tomorrow.

A sustainable craft

All wear-resistant parts are cast based on each order and our production is fully adapted to our customers’ end product and requirements. Today, a considerable share of our products is sold to Germany and Switzerland. For each product, we design a customised mould – a model – that we use as a base for casting your products. Would you like to know more about our wear-resistant parts and how we can work together? Please contact us for more information and further references.

Standard product or an individual mould?

Our range is based on our customers’ specific needs and most of our parts are cast on the basis of each order, project and requirement.

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