We have problems with our telephone exchange.

The only number that can be handled is currently + 46 (0) 381 201 80.
You can reach us via email or mobile phone.

Our telecommunications operator is troubleshooting the problem.

We are closed for christmas between 23/12 & 4/1. Happy holidays!

Casting for the future – since 1660

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With its focus on heat-resistant and wear-resistant parts, Bruzaholms Bruk is one of the leaders in high-quality foundry parts today. In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we develop and cast parts for extreme wear and exceptionally high temperatures.

Durable partnerships

Bruzaholms Bruk is a highly mechanised, automatic casting foundry with a modern production environment. Our customers include power stations and producers of asphalt mixers. A significant portion of our products is exported to countries in Europe and beyond.

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Wear-resistant and heat-resistant parts

We offer a selection of standard items, but most of our castings are developed in cooperation with our customers and partners and are cast based on individual requests and needs. We like to work closely with you as a customer and are often already involved at the concept and product development stage.
Wear-resistant parts Heat-resistant parts