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Heat-resistant parts

Exactly as the name suggests, heat-resistant parts are extremely heat-proof and can handle exceptionally high temperatures. To achieve the highest quality, product development, knowledge, experience and carefully selected raw materials are key aspects of our operation.

The highest quality for the highest temperature

Our alloys can handle high temperatures reaching up to 1,150 °C and heat-resistant parts are used in incineration plants, boilers, heat treatment furnaces and other environments where temperatures become extremely high. A large share of the heat-resistant parts comprise grate bars and our customers include a number of companies that have plants, for example, for the incineration of waste. This area, in particular, is growing in pace with the requirements to dispose of waste in a sustainable manner.

Close cooperation

Regardless of what your needs are in terms of heat-resistant parts, we will prepare an appropriate model and cast the products accordingly, based entirely on your order. We like to work closely with our customers and are often already involved at the concept and product development stage. This enables us to give every part exactly the properties required. Would you like to know more about our heat-resistant parts and how we can work together? Please contact us for more information and further references.

Standard product or an individual mould?

Our range is based on our customers’ specific needs and most of our parts are cast on the basis of each order, project and requirement.

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