We have problems with our telephone exchange.

The only number that can be handled is currently + 46 (0) 381 201 80.
You can reach us via email or mobile phone.

Our telecommunications operator is troubleshooting the problem.

We would like to inform you that we have planned production breaks for maintenance work between weeks 28-31. During that time, there is limited access to our telephone exchange and staff

Durable partnerships

Durable partnerships

Our wear resistant castings are being used for details that need to handle extensive wear, and the demands for quality and wear resistance are high. Some examples are log washers, stone mills and asphalt and concrete mixers. All our castings are made according to client requests, and our production is completely adapted to the end products and needs of our clients. We also have a selection of standard products available.

A large part of what we produce within this field, is sold to companies in Germany and Switzerland, among others.